Q: What are your specials today?

A: The most accurate and up to date way to see our current special list is through our online ordering system. You can access that by scrolling back to the top of this page and clicking “online ordering”, once there, locate the ‘specials’ section.


Q: Do you offer gift cards? Is it possible to mail them?

A: Yes we do, and we’re happy to mail them! Please call us during business hours (11-9 most days except for 11-3 sunday and monday). The number is 336-792-1081. Hopefully soon our online ordering system will accommodate this function, but not yet.


Q: Do you take reservations?

A: No we do not, but we’d still love to see you and your party. Even in the busiest of times we are able to turn tables quickly and the wait time is usually reasonable.

Q2: But I have a large party I’m planning and I need someone from the Root to tell me it’ll be OK, can I please make a reservation, or at least ask that you take down my info?

A2: We’re sorry, we’re a smallish place , and we just can’t guarantee large tables at any given time. We do our best to seat strategically, estimate wait times, and accommodate once folks arrive though.

Q3: Are you sure you can’t make an exception just for me? I have a large party coming and it’s on a Friday night at 7:30 during Elon’s move-in weekend

A3: Again, we just can’t do it with our size and business model, we hope you’ll understand and still come see us anyway!


Q: Can I place a take-out order by phone?

A: Certainly! thank you! it’s arguably easier and more effective if you’re willing to try our online ordering system. It generally works well, it can accommodate special instructions, and you’re pre-paid when you come in to pick up which means no waiting in line to pay if we are busy! …plus fewer phone calls for us when we are focusing on giving exceptional service to our in-house guests!


Q: I want to place a take-out order but I can’t get through by phone!

A: During many prime-time services, we’re unable to answer every call. There are even times when we’re well over capacity and are forced to turn the ringer off to be honest. We do our best, but if you’re willing to try our online ordering site, you may have an easier time. Or if you really really need to talk to a human you’re welcome to keep trying by phone.


Q: Should I leave a voice message if I didn’t get through?

A: Please no. We really are not equipped to respond to voice messages. apologies.


Q: Who can I talk to about a unique business opportunity I have for you, or to ask for donations, or other special requests outside of normal restaurant day to day activity?

A: You’re welcome to use our email address listed above please.


Q: Can you accommodate my dietary needs? I have Celiac disease and/or I don’t eat gluten, or I’m a vegan, or vegetarian, or lactose intolerant, or have an allergy?

A: We can sympathize, and we’ll do our level best. We have several good vegan/vegetarian options, and a few gluten-free ones, with more in development. We’re glad to leave off ingredients and such, but we can’t go as far as to guarantee total laboratory/clean-room-like conditions if your condition is extremely sensitive. Always let your server know about any allergies or sensitivities and we can make sure to do everything we can to help come up with solutions and other menu options within our scope of preparation.


Q: Are you hiring?

A1: Assuming you’re asking about a front of house position, chances are that we are not hiring (we’re fortunate enough that our staff members tend to stay for long stretches on average), but on the rare occasion that we are looking for someone, it’s still a good idea to submit an application in person, which we’ll keep on file. Note: your odds of being hired increase if you have relevant restaurant experience (required for server positions), and if your schedule is fairly open (can you work lunches?)

A2: If you’re brave enough to be looking for kitchen employment (experience not required) come see Chris!


Q: The Yellow Pages has your phone number wrong!

A: We know… sorry. That happened because we used to have a single traditional land line solely for Elon Phoenix cards. AT&T assumed that was our phone and printed the book you have. We’ve since dropped that phone line, and we agree that this situation is unfortunate, but if you’re reading this it means you’re tech savvy enough to look things up online so we say congrats!, and encourage you to perhaps consider looking upon the concept of printed phone books as a vestige from the past with teary-eyed nostalgia. The correct number is 336-792-1081.